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Farm Sprayer GPS

6.99 usd

Now with sprayer logs!Tired of counting rows? Need to track your position in the field while spraying? Farm Sprayer GPS is a simple tool that allows you to set the boom width of your sprayer and see where you have sprayed or spread fertilizer using the the GPS built into your phone or tablet. Use it for tillage, spraying, planting, or anything else. Farm Sprayer GPS has two modes, circle tracking which shows you where you have been and line guidance which projects straights lines for you to follow with left and right arrows. It also allows you to see how many acres you have covered and shows you your ground speed.
!!Use with caution!! Phone and Tablet GPS providers can be off by meters, but can usually be within a foot as long as the device is away from tall structures. An option is provided to show you how to upgrade to a USB 48 channel receiver and use this app.